The Watergate WG75

//The Watergate WG75

The Watergate WG75

$66.00 inc.GST

Watergate 100 x 75mm to suit 100mm x 75mm downpipes.


The Watergate WG75 is designed specifically to fit 100 x 75mm  downpipes.  Installed about 1200 – 1500mm above ground level with the downpipe fitting snugly into the top and bottom of the Watergate .  Each Watergate includes sealant and a shut-off valve.  The valve allows a hose to be fitted or removed with gutters filled with water to divert rain water from gutters to water tank or garden. It accepts standard garden hose fittings.

Installation is straightforward.  Best results are obtained by sealing all joins in the existing downpipes to ensure no leaks.

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